28th January 2018: John 1v35-51 – Come and See

Come and See
John 1v35-51
Keith Morrison

Questions to consider:

  1. Nathanael, who comes from Cana, can’t believe that anything good will come out of the rival village, Nazareth, a short distance up the hill. What kinds of prejudices pevent people from seeking Jesus today?
  2. In verse 51, Jesus is essentially saying ‘if you follow me, you’ll be watching what it looks like when Heaven and Earth are opened to each other.’ What does it mean that Jesus has made heaven and earth open to each other?
  3. Are there ordinary people – like Andrew, Simon Peter, Nathanael, and the unnamed disciple – in your life that you might consider inviting to ‘come and see’ Jesus, so that they too might experience what it’s like for heaven and earth to be opened to each other right before their eyes? If so, what kind of ‘come and see’ invitation might you make?

Pray. Ask God to make you bold to extend the invitation to others to encounter Jesus themselves.

Featured image by Oarabile Mudongo (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.