9th April 2017: Palm Sunday: Who’s in the crowd?

Palm Sunday: Who’s in the crowd?
Matthew 21 v1-11, 15-17
Keith Morrison

For reflection and discussion: thinking of those in the crowd, who are we like, who would we more like to be, and who are we a little bit like and in what way?

  1. Are we like the disciples in the crowd? Following Jesus and doing our best to grasp the truth about him. Do we submit to his authority and seek to honour and please him as we serve him as they did, whatever it takes?
  2. Are we like those who didn’t quite grasp what was going on, and although they had part of the picture they rejected him?
  3. Are we like the High Priests and Teachers of the Law, who never gave him an inch, and whose hearts were hardened to him?
  4. Are we like the people I proposed were completely distracted from the scene, discussing the mechanics of cutting Palm branches, and getting upset with those who don’t do things the right way or their way?
  5. Are we like those going along with the crowd with no opinion of our own? Do we know why we believe what we believe?

Featured image courtesy of pexels.