Refugee Response

Below are the census results for this month in the Jungle camp and the list of items we are currently collecting for our next visit.

PLEASE bring what you can, but please stick to the list. If possible get a larger quantity of one item rather than one of everything, it’s easier to sort and distribute that way; i.e. 24 bottles of cooking oil / 24 tins of kidney beans / 24 litres of UHT milk are better than 1 tin of tomatoes, 1 carton of milk, 1 bottle of oil, 1 pack of tea etc.  let’s shine a little bit of light in this dark situation.  Please bring items to RENEW or drop off at the manse (collection can be arranged).

Also, if you haven’t seen ‘Exodus – Journey to Europe’ the 3 part documentary shown recently on BBC2, please find it on iplayer and take the time to watch.                                                                                                 




FoJuly Census - Jungleod

Tinned with ring pull

Meat (lamb, beef, chicken, tuna, sardines)

Tomatoes, chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils.

Easy cook rice
Cooking oil 1ltr.

Black tea (pref in foil sealed packs as easier to distribute)

Green tea

UHT milk

Long life fruit juice




Please no pasta, baked beans or soup.

Windup torches and lanterns.

Money for fuel / gas / phone top-up (spare Euros or GBP to be converted to Euros)

Old (but good condition) Smart phones (unlocked or on 3 network)