Relay Baton

February 2016


I’ve just arrived home from a very good leader’s meeting at Lode chapel; the RE:NEW church family is in the middle of a phase of praying, planning and preparing for the year ahead. I had placed on each table a relay baton, I didn’t even refer to it on this occasion, such was the nature of the meeting with constant discussion and contributions from those gathered; however I still think that the baton served a purpose. The relay baton reminds me (I often carry one in my work bag, hold one when I’m praying, sometimes even when I’m preaching) that I am part of a team: God’s team, and that involves running with others with the same goal, dream and vision for the race ahead. We may be different personalities, have different running styles and techniques, but we are all part of the same team. A relay team needs to know each other really well, needs to train together, needs to know who is most gifted at running which part of the race. What teams are you part of? What part do you play? What parts do others play? Do you have a shared vision, goal, hopes, dreams, aspirations? Do you genuinely love and care for one another? You cannot run a relay race alone.

People working together ultimately succeed or fail based on their commitment to one another and their shared goal.

The relay baton reminds me that when someone chooses to follow Jesus, they are entering a race, a relay, a journey of life that has a purpose, that requires us to “Go”, “Reach”, “Share the Good News”, “Tell of what God has done in Jesus Christ”. On Sunday morning 7th February we have a Believer’s Baptism service (10.30am at Bottisham Primary School). Two of our young people will be baptised and will share something of their story of life, including how they came to follow Jesus and the difference He makes in their lives. I would love you to join with us. Come and hear the Good News of the Christian faith, come and see for yourself. Will you come?

Please do contact me if you would like to know more about any aspect of RE:NEW.

Alan Brand