Every day is a gift …

December 15


At the time of writing there are precisely 42.5 shopping days left ’til Christmas, 15 days ’til my wife’s birthday and 19 days ’til our Wedding Anniversary. We do a lot of ‘counting down the days’ in life. After celebrating our youngest child’s 2nd birthday recently, our 5 year old wanted to know if it was his birthday next (thinking it would be the next day!). He was quite puzzled to hear that, yes, he is the next of our children to celebrate their birthday, but not for another 100 days!

It is not wrong to look forward to things, especially spending time with special people, going on holiday & family celebrations; however, if we focus too much on the countdown, we can neglect to appreciate that every day is a gift (that’s why it’s called the present!). 

We are now in Advent, and if we are not careful, it is easy to view this season as simply a countdown to Christmas Day (with the help of a daily piece of chocolate!), rather than the time of preparation for Jesus’ coming that it is.

My encouragement to you through Advent and Christmastime is, “Don’t just count the days … make the days count” Every day is an opportunity to make a positive difference to someone, somewhere.

This Advent, I will be encouraging our RE:NEW family to make every day count by doing something specific, enabling us to focus on important areas of life, things it is good to be aware of, ways we can make a difference. I am writing an Advent resource with some practical examples of how we can do this; email or call me if you would like a copy.

You are also, as ever, very welcome to join us at RE:NEW any time!

I pray you’ll have a special Advent and a wonderful Christmastime.